Graveyard Green is a third person, 3d survival game, focused heavily on lighting, atmosphere, and mood. As you break objects and kill enemies, leftover trash and debris will start accumulating in your graveyard, which angers the spirits.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the development was focused on the aesthetics, and due to time limitations, the gameplay aspects were not quite as polished as the team would like it to be. Be mindful that bugs are prevalent.

Controls =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

WASD for movement

Left click to attack

Right click to drop item

E to pickup item

Credits =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Created on Unity Game Studio by Nithin Muthukumar and Daniel Liu for Massey Game Jam II

3D models from Kenny Game Assets (

Music and ambiance from Hollow Knight OST

Sound effects from youtube and soundsnap

The project files are open source and can be found at (


Graveyard Green 23 MB

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