How to play =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Step 1: Acquire Box


Step 2: Place parcel in box

Step 3: Seal box with this machine

Step 4: Tape the box

Step 5: Profit

Controls =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Move - WSAD or Arrow keys

Interact - X or E

Info =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Developed by Daniel Liu and Nithin Muthukumar

Created using Unity Game Engine

Sprites made with Piskel

Audio and SFX made with Bosca Ceoil and sfxr

Source code:

Made withUnity


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Great concept! I feel this could be AMAZING if it was co-op experience like Overcooked. This could really become insanely addictive as you co-ordinate with a friend or stranger to pack as many items in time. 

Currently, it feels a bit too stressful, with the short, tense music and the way the conveyor belt never stops churning out new stuff. The rate it spawns should be slower. 

Also, show me my score in game! I wanna know how well (or bad :P) I'm doing! 

Cool, super cute pixel art as well. Great job!

Hope to see you in more game jams! :D