Due to unfortunate circumstances, you have been turned into an omnipotent deity. However, you are still short on pocket change so you decide to work as a pizza delivery man. There is one catch however, you do not have a tangible form. Therefore, using your new founded powers, you must possess other mortals to complete the delivery before the pizza gets cold.

CONTROLS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

LEFT CLICK to focus on a mortal (humans, or humans in vehicles)

When focused, press SPACE to possess and SPACE again to relinquish

WASD to walk when possessing mortal

WS to accelerate / decelerate and AD to turn when possessing vehicle

QE to rotate screen

B to locate pizza truck

CREDITS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Created by Daniel Liu and Nithin Muthukumar for Ludum Dare 46

Assets from Kenny Asset Pack

Built with Unity Game Engine

Source Code:  https://github.com/HalfPixelStudios/TADS

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